relief from pain
Effective at all stages of life –
from newborns through to old age


Gentle techniques work to give lasting relief from pain, improving everyday activities and enhancing performance in sport and creative arts.

Ben Colyer works at the gentle end of the osteopathic spectrum often using cranial osteopathy and  similar techniques as a safe and effective alternative to joint manipulation. He has fifteen years experience and trained at the British School of Osteopathy and the Osteopathic Centre for Children.

People with sensitive systems, often find they have no negative treatment reactions with this type of osteopathy.

Many people who come to see Ben are relieved to find that there is very little pulling and pushing and yet their pain resolves leaving them feeling better and looser than they have done in a long while.


I am continuing to work with existing clients, and I can take on new clients. The exceptions to staying at home include ‘for any medical concerns, reasons, appointments and emergencies’.  This accords with my professional body’s current advice that as long as I am conducting appointments under appropriate PPE conditions I can continue to work.

Please assume that all appointments will continue as normal. I will let you know if there are any changes to this.
Appointments take place in my clinic rooms in Henley and Prestwood; or I can still make home visits if required.
I am committed to keeping the practice and everyone who enters it safe.
Before and after consultations in Henley a full regime of airing and cleaning takes place.
On arrival hand sanitizer is provided and both patient and osteopath wear masks. Windows are kept open during the treatment. Patients are asked to bring their own pillow and blanket if needed.
In appointments for children, the parents wear a mask and the child only if old enough to do so. Parents are asked to bring toys to entertain children with, as toys are no longer kept in the Henley practice.
Patients must not come if they have any symptoms associated with Covid 19 or are cohabiting with, or have met anyone with Covid 19 in the last 2 weeks. I will of course inform patients if the same applies to me.
For Prestwood protocols please see the Prestwood clinic website as there are some differences due to increased practice size and staff numbers.
Mother of twins

Ben is a skilled and intuitive osteopath with a sensitive approach to his clients and a focussed approach to his work. I am amazed at how much he can perceive through his light touch treatment and how effective the results can be.

Mother of two children helped by Ben
Ben is an absolute ‘must have’ in my contact list and I recommend him without hesitation. He helped my eldest daughter, aged 7, who suffered with glue ear – she couldn’t hear us talking at a normal volume…After 6 sessions with Ben the glue ear had completely drained without the need for surgery …Two years on her ears are still absolutely fine. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with alopecia areata, aged 4. … I asked Ben to help and 10 sessions later Ben finished her treatment. I can’t recommend Ben highly enough. He is highly experienced, exceptional yet understated, thorough and professional.
I have a long history of back pain with severe congenital scoliosis and I have sought out the very best Cranial Osteopaths in London and Bath. I was anxious when I had to move to Oxfordshire but I was amazed and delighted to find Ben Colyer in Henley-on-Thames. Ben is one of the very best Cranial Osteopaths I have ever been lucky enough to work with. My back has gone from strength to strength and I have even been able to take up gardening, something I never imagined my back could endure. I have introduced a number of friends to Ben for back and hip issues and they are all delighted by the results of his treatments. We all have a huge respect for Ben’s ability as a Cranial Osteopath as well as really appreciating him as a wonderful and kind person. 

Having tried  various things we were at a loss as to how we could relieve our Son’s hearing and breathing problems with sleepless nights, until an acquaintance mentioned Ben Colyer. We called Ben and after a very friendly and informal consultation suggested a course of action on which we agreed.
The course was a success in both bringing our Son’s hearing back to normal levels and allowing him to breath again through his nose after two years of suffering. It also meant he didn’t have to have surgery and got the all clear by the hospital. It was a great relief to our 5-year old, and a lot less sleepless nights for us. It also meant he didn’t have to have surgery and got the all clear by the hospital.
We would happily recommend this drug-free remedy to other parents whose children are suffering from ENT related problems.


Both my children have had cranial osteopathy sessions with Ben Colyer.  My son was treated at around 18 months for persistant night waking and crying, as we suspected from his behavior he was uncomfortable in some way.  My daughter was treated at 6 weeks old as she was a fretful baby, paritcularly in the evenings and was very difficult to settle. His quiet and patient approach put the children at ease and a significant improvement was noted in both cases.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Ben.


I have been receiving treatment from Ben for tension headaches. The treatment I received has been very helpful. My problem is now much improved. I found Ben very friendly and understanding and will always consult him in the future when needed.

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